Learning To Love

Biblical Counseling, Inner Healing and Professional Therapy



If this is a life threatening emergency, please call 911. If you need to speak to a mentalhealth professional immediately, please contact the San Diego Access Crisis Line at (888)-724-7240.


 To integrate Inner Healing with Pastoral Counseling and Christian Professional Therapy, collaborating with the congregation and community, serving individuals, couples and families, to bring health and wholeness as we utilize prayer, biblical teaching and practices from the behavioral sciences.



 “A place to encounter hope, healing and restoration for individuals and their relationships.”.

Learning to Love offers 3 programs.

Pastoral Counseling

John Guerrieri, Director

John Guerrieri offers Pastoral Counseling for marriage difficulties and works with parents with communication and discipline skills, and with individuals needing emotional and spiritual healing using biblical principles.

You can reach John at (760)444-1417

Inner Healing

Miriam Piper, Co-Director

Miriam Piper offers Inner Healing prayer and Deliverance for spiritual oppression(s) in your mind, emotions and memory. Miriam also prays for inner healing from past traumas and hurts.

Miriam can be reached at (760)444-1417

Professional Counseling

Brandi Nichols, MA Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Phone: (619) 858-3105 ext 140

Email: bnichols@cersandiego.org


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