School of Ministry



You can hear the voice of God and have gifts and calling attached to your life. We are committed to helping you dive into a deeper relationship with God, discovering who you are created to be.

What To Expect

Classes are semi-self paced and fit most schedules. Each course is designed to engage the whole person. The purpose of our classes is not to pass or get good grades but rather develop discipline, character, wholeness, and challenge you to apply the things you’re learning to all areas of your life.

ECSM offers online courses which are semi-self paced. Each week unlocks new content with all assignments due by Saturday night at midnight. Some courses will also include on-campus activations with specific focuses and training.

You should expect to spend between three and four hours a week per course. This includes video teachings and corresponding content.

Learning Tracks

We currently offer three unique learning tracks. Students must complete all of the courses in each track before moving on.

1. Each student will begin the program with a first year ministry certificate which sets the foundation of faith through both Spiritual Development and Biblical Foundation courses like Operation Solid Lives, Kingdom Identity and Bible Survey. These courses provide a fresh perspective into Christian principles and will reignite your faith and bring deeper understanding to the things of God.

2. The Second Year Ministry Certificate takes a deeper dive into the word with courses like the two part New Testament Survey and Foundations of Faith along with the activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit through Healing Foundations and Prophetic Ministry.

3. In Leadership Certificate courses, the focus moves into more specialized, upper level leadership development with courses like Team Building, Healthy Communication, Confrontation, Sermon Preparation and Preaching, Women in Ministry and more.