What makes me unique?

A question that has rattled inside your brain at least once in your life. How am I different than the woman sitting next to me at work? Or the young man taking my order at McDonalds? The short answer: God. I don’t mean that in a way you are probably thinking though. Yes, following Christ is not the norm for today’s society, and yes we are set apart as Christians, but there’s so much more to it than that. We are unique because we are created by a unique God. We are image bearers of a creative God who made insanely talented, original, and inventive people to follow suit in His passions. You know how you are great at meeting new people, always making sure everyone feels welcome? Or how God is really good at placing an image or word for someone who needs it most on your heart? Is mastering a new subject because you lost yourself in the research your thing? Maybe putting out fires at work is right up your alley, or being the friend everyone can trust and rely on. Remember that time you stepped out in faith, and prayed for someone who was sick and they were healed? All those qualities, dreams, quirks, passions whatever you decide to call them, aren’t there by accident. That’s our Father shining through us, His children. That uniqueness is God-given and whether you are using those gifts to help a friend or create a masterpiece, you are further enriching His Kingdom. Here at ECC, we embrace the unique, the extraordinary, and the supernatural because that’s how God loves to operate. People from all walks of life will contribute their own spark God gave them to help you find yours. By providing you with easily accessible and applicable content, we can stand together contending for a move of God through our own lives, our city, and in this world.

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