Identity, Freedom, and Joy in Jesus

The end of day three in Paraguay and some amazing things have happened so far! Our teen youth camp was a great success as we bonded and loved on the kids through fun games and lots of volleyball. As we focused in on the idea of finding and understanding one’s identity in Christ we taught the teens about SOAP (or EOAO in Spanish). SOAP is a study tool for devotion that helps a person understand the scripture that was just read on a deeper level and how it can be applied to one’s life; the acronym stands for Scripture, Observe, Application, and Prayer. We did a question and answer session so the teens could ask questions they had about identity, how to apply what they’re learning to their lives, and any other questions about God. We also discussed the concept of purity, and what living a pure life looks like when Jesus has made us new and pure through his sacrifice. The kids were very open and receptive to these ideas, and many of them asked great questions like how to tell people about Jesus, how to get your family to go to church, and how to forgive others who have hurt you. Sunday morning was the last day of camp so we had church service with the kids and a few people from the home church held at the school by Pastor Hugo and his wife (they also run the school we held the conference at). For service Pastor Nate preached about the prodigal son and how when we accept Christ as our past and all the issues are completely gone in the eyes of God; His Son has wiped them clean and we should never let the voice of the enemy tell us we are unworthy to go to God in any situation. 

Sunday evening we went to a church in Luque run by Pastor Oswaldo and his wife Laura. Pastor Joel told the congregation about the power of testimony and how the victories in your life that God has proven faithful can be used to minister to others and stir up their faith to contending for breakthrough in their own lives. Pastor Joel and Miriam Piper began to contend for various healings, breakthroughs, etc. and our Regen team laid hands on and prayed for those who needed it. It was such a powerful yet sweet moment as some of our team came forth and shared testimonies; Miriam shared about her healing from Typhoid, Josh Lynn shared about getting rid of anxiety and being filled with joy, Angela shared about the healing she experienced in her feet, Natalie spoke on family restoration and how God provided her with a family that loves her, and I (Heather) shared with a woman who was being tormented by a spirit that was keeping her from sleep how I had experienced the same thing and that God wanted to free her from it and was going to provide her with restful sleep once again. The presence of the Holy Spirit filled the room as we worshipped at the end of service, declaring healing in so many different areas over people; you feel God restoring hearts, relationships, and physical ailments. 

It is so amazing to see God moving so strongly in Paraguay and to work through us to reveal His power, faithfulness, and endless love to people. We are so excited for what else is to come this trip, we will be spending the week renovating a church in Barrio San Pablo. We know that God has amazing things in store for the people of the church and that He will be faithful to see them through. 

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